How to Annoy Users on Your eCommerce Website

How to Annoy Users on Your eCommerce Website
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The eCommerce organizations now know that buyers are preferring online shopping. Their websites need to be designed in a more presentable and user-friendly manner in the competitive business world. Before buying a product, the buyer explores all the details about the product.

So, your website has to be more informative and active, as there are so many other options available which can put you down on the ladder. The users are very intelligent nowadays, accordingly, everything has to be well-planned, creative and careful.

You might think that your website is well-organized and looks good, but it may not be delighting for the customers. You have to consider from the customer’s point of view before launching your website. The features you love the most may be difficult for the users to navigate, so they might route to the other websites. You have to be very careful in each and every step to attract more customers. But there might be a few mistakes you commit which can really annoy users on your eCommerce website.

See how little factors can annoy eCommerce users.

Chosen specks for you.

1. Impossible to find basic information

Customers need your business’s address, directions, working hours, contact number, and email on your About or Contact section. When a customer clicks on your profile, they need to ingest your basic business details. If these details are not made easy for the users to view, it frustrates customers and thwarts from visiting your website.

Customer’s Registration is a great effort in marketing. Although, most of the users prefer to scroll through your website and get out without signing up for an account. So it would be easier for customers if your website has a guest checkout option, and it will increase the customers to get back to your website frequently.

2. Out of Stock Items On Display

Out of stock items on Display can annoy your customers to a great extent. The customer finds the product, place the orders and waiting for the product. The item is not delivered as the item is out of stock, that will make the customer feel very disappointed. This breaks the trust in your store, the customer gets pissed off and never look back on your store.

To avoid this, once the product is not in stock give auto hide or mention the item is “out of stock-back soon” message. Make sure that you bring the item back to inventory as soon as possible. Making the customers wait for a long time can affect your business.

3. Slow Website

The more gongs you add to your website, the slower it loads. Your website has to load faster. The slow website brings in less productivity. Slow websites make the customers give up on your site. Slower websites can also take a hit in the Google’s search ranking.

Ensure that all your graphics, music and additional features are compressed into the smallest size possible. Take the help of a web designer to make your website optimized and load faster. This step can prevent customers from pissed off on your website.

4. Confusing Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a great way to promote your online store and attract more customers. Coupons encourage them to spend some more time on your website and purchase products. Customers are annoyed when the coupons are not working. This makes customers feel cheated.

Sometimes, the coupon codes are very confusing like how users should use the coupon or promotional codes. Give a clarity of how the codes can be used to purchase products from your online store let it be of free shipping or discounts.

5. AutoPlay Videos / Music

The most horrified and ridiculous audio or video pop-ups come up and force the user to watch it. This is not a good idea. No one wants to watch that music when they click on a website. By all means have a promotional video as optional, so that the user can decide to watch or skip it.

The online consumers are savvier and have very less time, so design your website to avoid such annoying content on your Online Store.

6. Poor Customer Service / Lack of Communication

Customer service is the one which differentiates the average e-Commerce store from the best Online store. It maintains loyal repeat customers. Instant confirmation and tracking details should be sent to the customers via email. The queries have to be addressed and resolved as soon as you can. Best customer service can bring in more customers and build trust in your online store.

Delayed update or being unprofessional can ruin the reputation of your store. This makes people avoid shopping from your eCommerce store. Providing customer service is not a difficult task, and it is the most important customer retention tool.

7. No direct link to Social Media

Customers find it easier to check out your business on Social Media instead of constantly checking your website. Most shops, cafes, salons eCommerce store post their special offers and discounts on Social media to keep their followers engaged. Include prominent links to your Social media accounts to your online store.

Keep updating your customers engaged and keep updating your business activities, offers, deals and new arrivals. Lack of engagement and no proper resources can give a drop to your to your Online selling website.

8. Outdated content

Updating your content is a must. If you don’t have the frequency to update your website, Then keep the content simple with the basic essence of your business. The information about sales, events and new merchandise can be posted on your social media accounts.

The blog posts also have to be posted frequently, if not, don’t have a blog section. If a customer clicks on the blog and if no recent blog posts are published, they get a bad reverence for your website. This can really annoy the customers and they might look for other online stores to purchase.

9. Not mobile Compatible

Mobile devices are most widely used to go online. The count is increasing every day. So, be fanatical and optimize your online store and website. This makes it easier for users to read and navigate on phone and tablet screens. Optimizing and updating your online site for Mobile will show customers that you have a modern business and you are responsible and care about their user interface. On failing which, the users are annoyed and reduce their visit to your site.


All of these are simple, common mistakes on your online store that can annoy the users. Many businesses behave as though communicating on a straightforward, personal level with a customer is somehow unprofessional. Make sure you deal with problems and satisfy the customers to build a long-lasting relationship.

Create a plan and execute it on your online store, keep updating your website, optimize it periodically, keep engaging your customers. Most importantly, think from the customer’s point of view and design your website. Give a brief description of how to use promo codes. Provide best customer service to the users. These are a few tips to make your customers engaged with your online store.

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