Our story is a bit melodramatic, but is full with super passion for art and entrepreneurship. This story dates back to February 2014 when two school friends from fifth grade, Madhur and Pankaj, had to go to different colleges and live a life that they both didn’t want. Madhur started handling his father’s business after kicking off two great job offers from the same company. Bravo! Pankaj went for a job immediately after completing his college in 2013.


Seemingly boring lives, they came together one day, quit all their boring stuff and got a 3D printer of their own. They started printing phone covers on demand with vector art which is actually colorless. Due to this slow technology and unavailability of good designs, they started offering this service to students and product designers for prototyping.


Not giving up, they got a laser cutter to make the vector art designing process on the phone cases more efficient. But, after using it, it turned out that this process is absolutely unsuitable for cutting the plastic material of phone cases. It produces toxic gases and they would never allow such thing to happen in their premise.


There came in a brilliant vector art designer and they started making wall clocks with his designs using their laser cutter. Their first successful venture, Mobicture, was born. Happy times!


Very soon, this designer started bothering them as he wanted more products to print his designs on, and also, he wanted to see his name on all the products having his designs. His demand was not stupid, so they sat down to think over his requirements and similar other artists who find it difficult to get their designs out for selling.


They saw a huge gap which could be filled with a series of steps and give these artists a new hope. So, they decided to build a process through which any artist or designer could just create awesome artwork and the rest – printing, packaging, shipping – could be handled without their real-time presence under their brand name. Super solution! They called it Printrove.


Another guy, Akshay, joined the team and started dreaming the same dreams as the two heroes of the story. They soon bought a UV printer to add colors to their designs. Sadly, within 7 days of this new printer, it exploded and the new-formed team came on the verge of a shutdown.


Gathered courage and restarted with 3D sublimation technology at a small model range and little investment. Soon, a few designers from all over India got to know about Printrove and started using its technology and services.



We still have Mobicture and through its existence, we experience the joy of selling the designs under its brand name. This helps us understand every phase that the designers and entrepreneurs would face while working with us. Find us on Amazon, Flipkart and mobicture.com.


The final price of the product is calculated by adding the product price, taxes and shipping.

The displayed product price includes the cost of the blank product and the printing charges. There are no additional printing charges applied for this product. 

Goods and Services Tax is charged on the product price.

Shipping is charged at flat Rs. 60 for a 500 gram package. Cash on delivery is available at Rs. 50 charged extra. View detailed info.


Criteria Screen Printing Direct to Garment (DTG) Direct to Film (DTF)
High quality prints Yes Yes Yes
Detailed designs No Yes Yes
Unlimited colour palette No Yes Yes
Order minimums (MOQ) Yes No No
On-demand fulfilment No Yes Yes
Good for bulk prints Yes No Yes
Requires upfront investment Yes No No
Lasts upto 45 washes 20 washes 35 washes