How to sell on Facebook?

The world of innovation has transformed the way we sell products online. The entire face of eCommerce is changing to a much handier form, fCommerce. Thinking of a platform where you can sell your products online? Then the best one is Facebook. Facebook is considered to be the future of eCommerce.

With more than 2.3 billion users, Facebook provides an opportunity to sell products worldwide. Around 20% of sales and entire conversions are from Facebook in e-Retail. Out of more than 25 lakh small business, only 4% are running ads on Facebook currently. Curious about setting up your eCommerce store online? This article walks you through everything you need to know to sell products online on Facebook.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has many options to target even a small amount of users that can help you generate huge volumes of sales. It is an excellent lead generation tool since people are more likely to engage with your brand. Customers can directly select their favourite product and make the payment on your FB page itself.

People spend most of their time on Facebook to get information, entertainment and to share their views. 67% of retailers plan to use Facebook to drive traffic to their eCommerce site. Most of the users use Facebook on mobile devices twice as actively.

Moreover, selling on Facebook is quick, easy and it won’t cost you a penny. As Facebook is free to join and there is no fees to sell online as well. It has very low risk because so many of us use this social network anyway for keeping up with friends and family. It’s easy to get to grips with.

Creating a Facebook Store

Start by creating a Facebook store. Here are the few steps to create your Facebook store.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Account.
Step 2: Go to your Facebook page
Step 3: Click on Add shop section.
Step 4: Setup your shop by entering the details
Step 5: Configure your payments 
Step 6: Finish your shop setup
Step 7: Add products to your Facebook shop
Step 8: Manage your products

Your Facebook store is now ready to sell your products online. Experience the happiness of selling the products in just a few clicks.

Ways to sell on Facebook

Facebook has evolved so many times from its launch and people have found numerous ways to sell stuff on this huge social network. Although Facebook allows us to sell products easily and without any hassles, choosing the right way to get started with selling becomes tricky. Here are a few ways in which you can sell your products on Facebook.

a. Sell on Facebook Groups

Facebook groups seem to be a great place for selling stuffs. The key is that you need to grow your group members every single day, manage it’s content in both strategic and creative way to keep their interest in your group.

Here are few techniques you can follow: 

  1. Post catchy and quality photos of stuffs in open shopping groups. 
  2. Write a good description about your product. 
  3. Be honest about the condition of the item. 
  4. Keep the prices reasonable. 
  5. Follow the rules of the group to sell products.

b. Messenger for communication

Folks are chatting on Facebook Messenger more than any other message carrier. Facebook is also developing an eCommerce chatbot to use Messenger as a more effective sales channel.

Any interested buyer can make an offer or message you directly from the product listing. Check out their profile to see if it is authentic and if you’re happy, proceed with payment collection. If you’re not happy with the customer you can ignore them by apologizing. Many scammers may contact you as a buyer too. Always be careful while selling and dealing with people on Facebook Messenger. Your safety comes first.

c. Advertising on Facebook

Posting on Facebook is not enough to grow your business. In order to target more potential buyers, make them your fan and to lead them to your website, you need to run Facebook Ads. Optimize all elements that make a Facebook Ad perfect.

Your Facebook Ad should be visual, relevant and add enticing value for your target customers and must have a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) message. These Ads will catch the eyes of the audience and your business will start growing.

d. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an easy and convenient way to sell and buy products in your locality. You can sell used and new items and it’s easy to find a listing within your local area. Selling and buying becomes simple. Buyers can connect with you directly and see items before they buy.

In Marketplaces, increasing the brand awareness and discoverability is the fastest and easiest way to increase sales. Because people won’t buy if they don’t trust you.

A simple Marketplace sale becomes the perfect pipeline to a long-lasting profitable customer relationship.

e. Uploading viral videos about the product

The best way to influence your Facebook channel to popularize your brand is to seed content that can go viral naturally. Social community sharing is what makes Facebook the world’s most popular platform.

A viral video can reach up to a million views every day. So start creating viral videos and images that hit the hot topics of your target audience. Upload videos that directly point to your product. Doing so, your brand goes viral with your content and your products sell faster.

f. Sponsored posts

Have a confusion between Facebook ad and Sponsored posts? Facebook Ad is a deeper level of advertising with a detailed targeting mechanism whereas, Sponsored post is a normal post which is easy to promote in a few clicks.

If you have a news or announcement that you want all your followers to know, you can select to promote that post so it reaches as many followers as your budget allows. It is simpler to launch and very effective in increasing brand awareness.

g. Sell multiple products with Facebook Carousel ads

To sell multiple products, Facebook Carousel Ads are the best. It can drive up to 10 times more traffic to the website. These ads are extremely engaging since they allow brands to show multiple images from their business. Audiences swipe left and right to see multiple images in a single ad unit, with each image having a different CTA.

Facebook Carousel ads generate high engagement and click-through rates. You can break the picture, add descriptions or showcase your Product tour to increase your business traffic.

h. Host a giveaway or contest

Rather than viral videos, you can host a giveaway or a contest that attracts thousands of participants. They would love to join and tag friends to join with them. Giveaways are really simple. You just need to announce the giveaway item and ask participants to complete the necessary steps to get the gift.

Contests are a bit complicated. You need to design the rules and processes but it is more exciting and interactive. You can ask the participants to team up with 3-4 members and add community votes to win the contest. This creates a viral effect.

i. Provide exclusive offers for your Facebook fans

Statistics prove that 42% of fans like a page on Facebook so that they can get a discount or a coupon. Offering exclusive deals on Facebook attracts your followers and makes them come back to be your loyal fans.

You can offer some kind of incentives such as discount coupons, free gift, buy 1-get-1 free deals and more to anyone who likes your page. This attracts many followers. You’ll be amazed to see how quickly such special deals spreads to others, who are highly likely to ‘like’ your Facebook page to grab the gifts.

j. Co-promote with other brands to drive traffic to each other

If you want to entice more Facebook traffic, try promoting partnership with other brands on Facebook. This works great!

Initially find a group which sells products similar to yours. You’re not competing with them because you both offer different services and products. You both can co-promote each other’s product to your audience with exciting and exclusive offers. It will definitely be a winning promotion as you and your partner, both win more traffic, while your customers win best deals.

Tips-to-Remember to sell on Facebook

  • Find top selling Facebook groups near you
  • Sell items by location via the Facebook marketplace
  • Price it right
  • Upload quality snaps
  • Close the deal via private messages
  • Safety first! Always be careful
  • Give buyers 24 hours to make up their minds
  • Control your Facebook privacy settings
  • Sell as you’d like to be sold to


To win this e-Commerce game and building your online store to a high revenue generating company, opening only a web-based store is never enough. Setting up a Facebook store is easy and to master selling, you need to keep engaging your customers in your groups and pages. Know your customers. To hike your business to the next level, move from eCommerce to fCommerce and experience the joy of selling products in just a few clicks.

Happy Selling!!


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